COP 27 – Environmental Agenda

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Government departments must be seen to be leading the way on all environmental and green issues across the UK – from onshore wind turbines generating environmentally friendly energy, to clean air zones reducing traffic pollution in our major cities.

Public procurement officers must play their part also – they must cut down on their paper usage and obviously buying on-line in stead of going through the tedious process of tender forms, cuts their paper use by 75%.

Working for the public sector is unlike working for any other industry – they have no bad debt and will not disappear overnight, so this makes it a very safe marketplace. Basically, once you have supplied goods or provided services, you are guaranteed payment.

Any company relying on recommendations to get new contracts, will find the public sector is a domino effect market-place. If they are happy with work you have done, then you will find that you get recommended time and time again, from department to department and because of how huge this market-place is, the recommendation process works better here than anywhere.

Author: manager