Buyers Guide is the go-to place for businesses looking to win business from local councils and government departments. It is also a one-stop shop for public procurement officers looking to buy goods and services.

Local government played an important role in our fight against the Covid pandemic, supporting businesses, helping to protect the most vulnerable and ensuring critical frontline services continued to be delivered.

The efforts of everyone involved in maintaining local services should be appreciated and never forgotten. The public sector stepped up time and again, sometimes putting themselves at risk, to keep the wheels turning.

We hope you find Yours Buyers Guide a useful communications and procurement resource, helping to bring public sector buyers and businesses closer together. We make every effort to ensure that all the companies represented here have an existing track record in supplying the public sector.

And we wish your organisation every success in developing new business opportunities with local authorities and government departments in the future.

Your Buyers Guide

Helping to develop your company’s public sector business

Bringing public sector personnel and private companies together

The go-to guide aiming to save public sector staff time and money

Where procurement staff can browse details of suppliers at no cost.

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Under the government’s best value initiative, purchasing decisions are no longer taken purely based on the lowest price. It is now recognised that price-driven decisions do not necessarily lead to the best value in the long run.

Your Buyers Guide is your opportunity to display your credentials to purchasers covering all of the elements that make up best value, including quality and reputation of the product or service, the geographical location of the business and the costs involved.

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All public sector-related purchases under £100,000 must be made online as part of the government’s commitment to cutting the unnecessary costs involved in the traditional tender process. Your Buyers Guide is a new on-line resource that enables public sector organisations to source suppliers online in one convenient and easy-to-use place.

If you are a company seeking to either break into or increase its public sector-related business Your Buyers Guide is the perfect way to get your company’s name and credentials in front of these key decision-makers.

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Your Buyers Guide is a great vehicle to secure a slice of the staggering £600 billion plus which the government spends each year. Many thousands of government-funded entities are required to make their purchases using online methods, so where better place to promote your business than on Your Buyers Guide.

The attraction of Your Buyers Guide to public purchasers is clear – a simple, easy-to-use method of locating their ideal suppliers without the high costs involved in the traditional tendering process. Government estimates suggest that using a resource such as Your Buyers Guide can reduce sourcing and tendering costs by up to 80%.

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