If you are a local authority purchasing officer who would like to receive further information about Your Buyers Guide, Please send an email to [email protected]

Business Magazine has unveiled a revolutionary website under the name of Your Buyers Guide aimed at bringing together private sector suppliers with the public sector in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Your Buyers Guide site is a brand-new reference source for local authorities and other public bodies making purchases, as they seek to streamline the process and cut the costs of finding the suppliers of products and services they need.

Public sector buyers can now use Your Buyers Guide to find information on private sector companies quickly and easily. Procurement officers have got to look for company information online now because of electronic procurement targets so Your Buyers Guide allows them to do this.

Your Buyers Guide is a simple easy to use method for procurement officers to locate their ideal suppliers without the high costs involved in the traditional tendering process.

When the buyer logs onto the Home Page they can find the relevant company using four search methods: category search, company name search, location search and keyword search.

Which-ever search option is chosen, up pops the company details. So with the buyer having all this information in front of him or her, they can contact the company directly to order goods and services.